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How to find good work without a college degree

This book is available in PDF format at no charge. The author hopes that groups, organizations and schools may find it useful In their work. Individuals are also invited to request the free PDF. The audio version is not yet available. It requires a print version first. This book is intended for people 18-32 who are interested in finding work that can be satisfying both personally and financially. It is less than 100 pages but links to over 100 Internet resources that can expand one’s knowledge ot matters of interest.
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Death, Dying and Dessert

Reflections on 20 Questions About Dying

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It is clear that most all of us understand that we will die. We just don’t expect it to happen in our lifetimes. When someone asks me at a social gathering what I do, and I explain that I talk about death and dying, my interlocutor, after exclaiming, “How interesting!” usually turns the conversation elsewhere or, alternatively, just turns himself elsewhere. Why discuss dying when we can talk sports, politics, fashion, food, travel…anything more immediately rewarding. I am not adverse to a bit of gossiping nor do I mind bragging about my kids and grandkids, and I am full of opinions about what’s happening in the news. [Read an excerpt]

Americans Speak

One Thing I Would Do For Our Country Is…

In this intriguing politically neutral book, readers meet 65 diverse Americans. They respond to the prompt: If I were in charge, one thing I would do for our country is…Each reply is accompanied by a photo and bio. Forty-eight high-school students also weigh in with their thoughts.
These responses underscore that there are not easy answers to our difficult, complex challenges, but there is a deep yearning for us to Do Better, Be Better, Get Better. The choices the respondents make often come from the personal circumstances of their lives. Here is an unfiltered look at what people care about.
As interesting as the responses are,so too are the reasons people chose not to respond. “It was much more difficult to find participants than I imagined,” said author Susan Lieberman, “and it is fascinating to discover how hesitant so many of us are to speak publicly about our concerns. It is my hope,” Lieberman says, “that this cans stimulate more conversation among friends and family about public policy.”
The final chapter provides clear explanations of revenue sources for the federal budget and budget expenditures, courtesy of the National Priorities Project.

Getting Old is a Full Time Job

Moving On From a Life of Working Hard

There are lots of words written about retirement but few as warm, wise and helpful as those in Getting Old Is A Full Time Job. Susan Lieberman does not pretend that aging is always sweetness and light, but with 18 additional years added to the average life span, we are offered a second adulthood. Here is insight into 12 “jobs” awaiting us as we cross the bridge from work to “what’s next.” Along the way, Lieberman explores opportunities to become more fully ourselves, with joy, release and revitalization. Practical and light-hearted, the book has been described as both an invaluable guide and an enormous gift. [Read an excerpt]

The Mother-in-Law’s Manual

Proven Strategies for Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Married Children

Drawing on real-life personal experiences as well as sage advice from other mother-in-law veterans, this resource outlines proven strategies for creating and maintaining healthy relationships with married children. Key tips include how to manage expectations from the outset, how to reduce conflict and increase contentment by realizing that love does not have to be competitive, how to speak authentically without hurting feelings, how to effectively employ humor, and learning to realign focus on the happiness of the whole family. This insightful manual will help any mother-in-law find fulfillment while gracefully transitioning into this role. [Read an excerpt]

New Traditions

Redefining Celebrations for Today’s Family

Lieberman shows how, when old tradition fail, families can invent or adopt new one. New Traditions is most useful for families, but it will inspire anyone who feels the urge to celebrate special occasions and everyday life.

Venus in Bluejeans

Why Mothers and Daughters Need to Talk About Sex

Based on a series of interviews with a diverse group of 23 teen girls and, separately, their mothers, this empathetic study deftly illuminates their fears, dreams, goals, frequent misconceptions and daily concerns as they navigate the often dangerous waters of female adolescence in the 1990s. The voices of both generations of women are honest and forthright, and nullify many myths about the mother-daughter relationship. Bartle, an Allegheny University educational psychologist, writing with Lieberman, reveals that while mothers may not always know everything their daughters are up to, they are very realistic about the issues and pitfalls of young womanhood, drawing on their own experiences and media portrayals of the threat of disease and violence.

The Real High School Handbook

How to Survive, Thrive, and Prepare for What’s Next

Getting through high school and deciding what will come next can be a confusing process for teenagers. Unfortunately, counselors and administrators are often too busy to give students the individual attention they need to get the most out of the experience.The Real High School Handbook empowers students with practical information and real-life stories – about courses, grades, testing, communicating with teachers, and post-graduation options – essential to making informed decisions about their high school careers.

Super Summers

A Book for Teens to Find Skills, Contacts, Curiosity, & Confidence

Super Summers books are localized resource guides for middle and high school students to tap into summer activities. Guides were published for Houston, TX; El Paso,TX; Springfield MO; and Jacksonville, FL. All were distributed to students for free through the school systems. The Houston ISD distributed the books to all middle and high school students for two years. El Paso and Springfield books were provided to schools by local Rotary chapters, and two editions of the Jacksonville books were underwritten by the Parks and Recreation Department. (Out of print.)

Kidfun Activity Book

A Book for Teens to Find Skills, Contacts, Curiosity, & Confidence

A compendium of more than 250 activities at home, in the car, on vacation for children 3-9. This book focuses on engaging children in ways that are both fun and educational. (Out of Print.)

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