How to Find Good Work Without a College Degree

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This book is not yet offered in a print format. However, the free PDF version is available for individuals, schools, organizations or groups that want comprehensive information about finding good work. There are over 100 notes, found at the bottom of the book’s pages that will connect readers to websites with additional information. To make it easy for to connect, open the notes page as you read . They are listed in numeric order. if you keep an electronic gadget at hand while you are reading, you can click on the numbers that interest you.:

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So read this book, write in it, bend corners to take you back to pages that are important to you. But don’t stop looking online, talking to people, finding other ideas. If you find mistakes or want to offer other suggestions, please use the website Comments section to report them.

It is deeply satisfying to have a hand in helping someone grow into his or her fullest capacity. If this book can help you, it will be a great joy for me. I know one-on-one advising or coaching works better than a book, but I’m hoping a good book is better than nothing.  Here is what I can do to make this a bit more personal. If you have a question and want to email me, I will try to answer it. Use the Questions link to ask and follow up questions. If, suddenly, this invitation results in a deluge of questions, maybe I’m not going to be able to manage. But let’s try.