20 Questions – Death, Dying and Dessert

Here are the twenty questions addressed in Death, Dying and Dessert:

  1. Why Is Dying Important When We Are So Busy Living?
  2. When Is It Time To Think About Dying?
  3. Why Are We Afraid?
  4. What Does Death Look Like?
  5. What Is Old?
  6. Can We Afford To Die?
  7. Why Do We Need A Healthcare Proxy Form Now?
  8. Why Complete An Advance Care Directive Now?
  9. Why Do Most People Benefit From Writing A Will Now?
  10. Why Should You Consider A Financial Power of Attorney?
  11. Should We Donate Our Organs?
  12. Why Add A Supplemental Letter, Video, Or Tape?
  13. What Other Information Do We Need In Place?
  14. How Do We Start A Conversation About Death and Dying With Family and Friends?
  15. What Happens After We Die?
  16. When Is Hospice A Good Idea?
  17. How Do We Talk To Our Doctors?
  18. Can Death Be Funny?
  19. Can We End Our Life?
  20. How Do We Find Grace Under Pressure?

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