These pages are to help you click through to websites with additional information using the numbered notes throughout the text.  The link is listed next to the note number.  Underneath the link you will see the text from he book in which the reference number is found.

  1. emotions like fear, anger, worry and sadness affect memory, attention and reasoning. They make it harder to work successfully.1 So among the skills that help us have successful careers are the skills of figuring out who we are and how to stay centered.
  2. are lots of good jobs that earn less than that. You, of course, can set a different number. This number was chosen with the help of a website from the Economic Policy Institute that lets you calculate a reasonable budget for a year. For more information about how we got to this amount, click on the note below.2
  3. 2/3 of people graduating from high school start a college program, yet only about 1/3 of the jobs in the future will need a college degree. According to the website noted below, for every occupation requiring a master’s degree, there are two jobs that require a university degree and seven jobs that require a one-year certificate or two-year degree.3
  4. is a list of hiring opportunities for people with felony convictions.http:/ is site with advice about how to discuss a prior conviction.If you have a criminal record, you can still apply for a wide variety of jobs. Connect with this numbered note for more information.4
  5. if you worry that employers may be concerned about your honesty, look at the Federal Bonding Program that offers six months of bonded insurance to employers. There is no cost to either employer or employee.5
  1. You just need to listen for content, for the information that will help you do the job better and develop more skills. Criticism can be uncomfortable, but if you can see it as a gift of information, you will do better. Here is a terrific talk about why it’s so hard for us to hear criticism and how we can learn to hear it without stress.6
  2. Many employers require drug tests as part of the hiring process and for continued employment. If drugs show up in your system, you will not be hired. A front page national news story in the summer of 20177 talked about two Ohio companies that needed workers for jobs paying $15 to $25 an hour but as many as half the applicants failed the drug test.
  3. If you are male, you also need to register with Selective Service by age 26. See the note below.8
  4. This note sends you to an article with dozen of blogs about how to manage your money.9
  1. Not sure about the difference between a job and a career.  Have a quick look here: career is something that gives us a sense of accomplishment and keeps us learning and growing. A job is more likely to be something you do just for the paycheck.10
  2. 11 figure out what you are better at than others, you can start with a free and quick online test.11
  3. look at this web site suggesting ten free tests that help you figure out you.12
  4. This website describes the sixteen different personality types according to the MBTI.13
  5. See which one you think fits you best. Then take a free online inventory to find out your likely type.14
Conversation about 14 Categories
  1. way to do that for work is to begin with the Occupational Outlook Handbook that the U.S. government publishes. It lists thousands of jobs from A to Z.15
  2. use of the numbered notes in each category to learn more about it. And check out this note with even more detailed categories to explore.16
  3. 17 an introduction to looking for work, click on the note below for a good article on how to use the Internet to research job options and how to apply for a job, includ­ing how to write a good resume.17
  4. useful site that helps you understand the job application process is noted here.18
  5. http://www.careeronestop.orgIf you think you can benefit from one-on-one conversation about choosing work, try checking out the resources listed on the Department of Labor’s CareerOneStop website.19
  6. a look on the site in the note below for a good discussion of work in the trades and for a graphic showing the expected demand for plumbers, heating and AC mechanics and electricians.20
  7. next note will take you to a long list of all the work associated with the trades.21
  8. the website in the note below, you can see the kinds of construction jobs in demand.”22
  9. is a description of the work from someone with twenty years of experience.23
  10. you are interested in becoming a police officer, go to the site noted below which will tell you the requirements and also how many police slots are likely to open up in each state in the coming year.24
  11. note connects you to a good summary of the pros and cons of police work with links to many other useful related sites.25
  12. at the note below for infor­mation about what is required in each state and how many job openings are anticipated.26
  13. -to-become-a-firefighter/And check out this helpful piece about becoming a firefighter.27
  14. doorway to the community safety field is as a security officer. These jobs generally pay in the twenties, but they allow you to gain experience and establish a work record in the field. A national listing of such jobs can be found here.28
  15. might also explore work as a correctional officer.29
  16. area of opportunity is to work for the U.S. government as a border patrol agent or customs officer. You will need to take and pass an entrance exam and a fitness test in order to be considered for these jobs. Learn more here.30
  17. an increasing interest in climate change and environ­mental safety, there are now many careers related to water and air quality which are detailed in the note below.31
  18. are backup musicians and dancers, gaffers and location scouts. If you want to be part of this world, your best chances are to find a way in and work up from the inside.32
  19. cruises to the mix.33
  20. niche site for jobs in entertainment is here in this note.34
  21. and social media35 have a role in entertainment as well
  22. hotel manager’s median salary is in the $90s or up. See the note below for list of job opportunities.36
  23. the articles noted below for comments on the pros and cons of working in this industry.37
  24. the articles noted below for comments on the pros and cons of working in this industry.38
  25. my hometown of Houston, the owner of five well reviewed restaurants started washing dishing. Listen to his video.39
  26. are increasing opportunities for apprenticeships for medical assistants as well.40
  27. article noted below gives you details on the various options.41
  28. the note below for a description of the many careers in this field.42
  29. about 20% of startup businesses get past the first year. Of those, half are gone by the end of five years.43
  30. is part of business but it is such a huge sector of the economy –involving over 14 million Americans – that it merits its own categoy.44
  31. wanted-to-know-about-working-in-salesSales reps might also have administrative duties such as analyzing sales statistics and filing expense accounts. See the article in the note below for more information on a sales career.45
  32. Sales the employment opportunities website of every major firm in your area for sales openings.46
  33. to a recent report, 80 percent of manufacturers report a moderate or serious shortage of qualified applicants for skilled and highly skilled production positions.47
  34. can find our what particular skills are used, whether specific certifica­tion is required, and how to get the training needed by opening the note below.48
  35. to a recent report, 80 percent of manufacturers report a moderate or serious shortage of qualified applicants for skilled and highly skilled production positions.49
  36. apprenticeship programs are being designed to address the needs of advanced manufacturing.50
  37. is high demand now for jobs of varying complexity relating to information technology. All of those jobs do not require a college degree in computer science as explained in the article in the note below.51
  38. as we have to have auto mechanics to maintain cars, there is a growing need for people to maintain the machines and software that underpin the IT industry; yet there are not clearly developed educational pathways. Google is working to create courses that can provide this training52
  39. field of transpor­tation lets you get into those diverse vehicles and go somewhere for real. If you click on the site in this footnote53
  40. half the jobs are in traditional coal, oil54 and gas production55
  41. half the jobs are in traditional coal, oil54 and gas production55
  42. Jobs related to coal are declining, but opportunities for workers in natural gas, solar and wind are increasing.56
  43. For a long list of jobs in the energy sector and their requirements, click on this numbered note.57
  44. Look at this note for a description of six pathways for careers in the energy sec­tor. Both apprenticeship and academic options are described.58
  45. Six high demand energy careers with apprenticeship options.59
  46. The more challenging part is that buying the work of artisans is a luxury for most people, and marketing is a constant challenge. This article by a photographer out- lines the difficulties.60
  47. And this article offers strategies for working successfully.61
  48. Artists of all sorts are often able to maintain their primary artistic interest by combining it with a related activity like teaching or working in a business connected to their craft.62
  49. There is some confusion about the difference between entrepreneurs and small business owners, which the article in this note explains.63
  50. The article in this note talks about what contributes to entrepreneurial success and failure.64
  51. Freelancing is not about what you do but how you do it. 65
  1. Here is a note about a free online course that will be useful now and, I promise, it will be useful later. 66
  2.’s own up to the fact that making ourselves do things that seem difficult, that we are not sure how to do, that we would prefer to avoid is HARD, HARD, HARD! There is a TED Talk67 online that speaks to just this.
  3. c264481d84e9This note takes you to a short piece that explains what it takes to change your life. 68
  4. f8 70 Start with this quick seven-minute TED Talk about learning how to learn69
  5.… and then you can follow up with a free online class.70
  6. note below provides a good article from the US Dept. of Labor about certificates.71
  7. Tuitions do vary. You can shop around, but for the lowest fees, unless you win a scholarship, you must be live in the state in which the school is if you are looking at state schools. Normally, there is a year’s residency requirement to be considered an in-state resident.
  8. this note is a list of 100 most affordable small colleges in America. Some are public schools that favor in-state residents but many are private.73
  9. schools can be the choice best suited to you. It’s just that it can be hard to tell the good from the bad. See the article noted below for some advice about how to decide.74
  10. Job U, Nicolas Wyman, p. 52I’m pretty sure my car mechanic out-earns me. And in the last decade, in some states, community college graduates were out- earning four-year college grads.75
  11. http://www.careeronestop.orgOn the CareerOneStop web site from the Department of Labor,76 you can find the nearest American Job Center.
  12. the numbered note is an article that describes the different kinds of funding generally available.77
  13. few states have begun to offer students help with tuition not covered by grants and scholarships. Read the noted article to see if anything can work for you and then look for updated information.78
  14. companies, like Starbucks, offer employees help with tuition. See this note for information on other companies.79
  15. way to get help with tuition is to spend a year doing national service with Americorps or Vista.80
  16. include teaching, social work, military service, disability assistance, emergency management, and others. However, the political situation may end this option or change the rules so again, check very carefully.81
  17. is a list of the best schools for adult learners.82
  18. https://career about options for work and learning here.83
  19. you have a criminal conviction, federal money may not be available to you. Read about options for work and learning here.84
  20. federal government also sponsors the federal “bonding” program, which may be able to help those with a record of arrest or conviction get a stable job. It’s like an insurance policy on the employee, making it more attractive for a company to hire such an individual.85
  21. State, for one example, has a good site. Check out their site for information that can be applied more generally.86
  22. is the source of the quote in the text.
  23. way to find out about apprenticeship programs is to go to an online site called My Next Move.88
  24. states will have their own requirements. Check out this note.89)
  25. out this article noted below which was written for people interested in being an apprentice electrician; the advice is good for other areas as well.90
  26. another article from the Huffington Post offers you useful background on community college apprenticeship programs.91
  27. http://www.careeronestop.orgGo to the CareerOneStop website92 and look for the Employer Networks Finder
  28. Corps93
  29. http://www.jobcorps.govIt is difficult to figure out the details of the program on the program website. Find a Job Corps center near you and visit to get more information.94
  30.  aspx?location=77019&radius=25&post=y&sor tcolumns=DISTANCE&sor tdirections=ASC& currentpage=1&pagesize=10&persist=trueYou can find out where your local board that administers these funds is by going to the note below.95
  31. a cold drink or a hot coffee, find a comfortable chair and read all the segments for an excellent overview of what it means to consider the military, including pay levels and benefits.96
  32. helpful article talks about ten things you should know before you join the military. 97
  33. military can be a path to educational opportunities after discharge, and it can be a career option. Initially, the pay is low for enlisted men and women, but in time, you can earn the $40,000/year amount this book has as a parameter. Here is an article that summarizes pay.98
  34. up first in these two articles so you know for what you will be eligible. 99
  35. up first in these two articles so you know for what you will be eligible.100
  36. has changed in recent years, and you want to be sure you understand the rules. Find this out in the article in this footnote.101
  37. can watch them on your phone any- where, anytime. Here is the entire list of talks.102
  38. free online classes through MOOC, Mass Open Online Courses.103
  39. make it easier to find the courses you want and the best ones currently offered, this site has sorted through the courses and organized them for you by category.104
  40. of the groups that provide MOOC courses is called Coursera and they are just now in the process of designing learning paths to help people figure out what sequences of courses make sense for various career goals. Check it out here.105
  41. You can’t earn a degree for free, but this can help you can manage both debt and time commitments. See the noted article.106
  42. Another resource is
  43. This website gives you ten other websites where you can learn a word a day in different ways.108
  44. USA Today site will give you a new puzzle every day.109
  45. you want to get started learning new words right now, load this app on your iPhone, and it will send you a word every day.110
  1. More jobs are found through personal contacts than online posts. If you want to build guitars or lead mountain treks, exercise horses or manage bingo games, you are not so likely to find job leads posted as passed on from people already doing the work.111
  2. Look at a helpful resource for writing a good resume. 112
  3. The website was very helpful in identifying online websites. The main focus on is to provide financial advice most especially for millennials. It is full of good content, and I recommend you check it out.
  4. In addition to these major job sites, there are scores of niche sites focused on particular sectors. This footnote takes you to a list of 100 such sites.114