Crack the Code: A Guide to College Success for First Generation Students

This book is available as a PDF or eBook at no charge, the pdf and ePub formats are best, kindle is the least well formatted and should be avoided if possible. The author hopes that groups, organizations and schools may find it useful In their work. Download now

How to Find Good Work Without a College Degree

This book is available in PDF format at no charge. The author hopes that groups, organizations and schools may find it useful In their work. Individuals are also invited to request the free PDF. The audio version is not yet available. It requires a print version first. This book is intended for people 18-32 who are interested in finding work that can be satisfying both personally and financially. It is less than 100 pages but links to over 100 Internet resources that can expand one’s knowledge of matters of interest.

Death, Dying and Dessert

Reflections on 20 Questions About Dying

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It is clear that most all of us understand that we will die. We just don’t expect it to happen in our lifetimes. When someone asks me at a social gathering what I do, and I explain that I talk about death and dying, my interlocutor, after exclaiming, “How interesting!” usually turns the conversation elsewhere or, alternatively, just turns himself elsewhere. Why discuss dying when we can talk sports, politics, fashion, food, travel…anything more immediately rewarding. I am not adverse to a bit of gossiping nor do I mind bragging about my kids and grandkids, and I am full of opinions about what’s happening in the news. [Read an excerpt]

Susan Abel Lieberman, Ph.D. has lived in nine cities, written eight books, directed four educational programs, earned three graduate degrees, raised two sons and thinks, one day, she may, perhaps, acquire a partridge in a pear tree.

The unifying theme in all her work has been a desire to help people find satisfying resolutions to the situations that arise from leading busy, complicated lives and to grow into their best selves. “I feel so lucky to have four decades of work that always felt important to me. I hope it has also felt important to others. There is no doubt I am kinder, wiser and more tolerant as the result of having diverse and often difficult challenges to hit up against.”

In 2009 Susan co-founded  an end-of-life consultancy, The Y Collaborative, with Nancy Rust in Houston, Texas. Although Susan sold her interest in The Y Collaborative, many of her blog posts continue to appear on the site.

Currently, she is focused on helping young adults find work that will be satisfying.

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